Come share a drink at Le Shadok for Strasbourg’s fourth Nerd Nite ! You’ll learn all about fake news in research, why bats can live 40 years and you’ll get a layman’s introduction to statistical physics!

Expect three exciting presentations in English, each lasting around 20 minutes, followed by a discussion. You can learn about different topics while sipping a beer or Schorle 🍻.

Our passionate speakers will share their expertise and insights on a variety of topics:

🧲More is different
-A talk by Rajat, physicist turned neuroscientist (PhD student in Computational Neuroscience, MSc in Theoretical Physics)

This talk will give a layman’s introduction to statistical physics, which studies the behavior of a large number of interacting units/particles. The talk will also explain how statistical physics can be applied to understand problems in other scientific disciplines.

🔬Fake news in biomedical research: how, why and the clues to identify them
A talk by Isabelle Durand-Zaleski – Professor of Medicine and Doctor of Economics

The COVID 19 pandemic and the discussions about treatments and vaccine showed that everyone was interested in using the results of biomedical research but that differences in the understanding of the methods and the interpretation of data almost led to civil war in France. The talk will give some insights on what is biomedical research, why are the rules very stringent and how do you finally make a decision on whether a drug is safe and effective, or not.
For more insight, watch the video ‘why you should’nt believe what you read in medical journals’, Fiona Godlee :…/why-you-shouldnt-believe-what…

🐔Why do we age? (and why chicken do live 20 years)
– A talk by Adrián Moreno Borrallo, PhD Student in Ecophysiology, Ethology and Evolution

The talk will give some insights into the reasons of aging as a phenomenon in life beings, with a short introduction on the mechanisms producing it, but mainly centered into the different theories that try to explain why it evolved, including some ideas about how and why different organisms age differently (e.g. why birds double mammals’ lifespan? How bats can live 40 years, or naked mole-rats more than 10 times longer than similarly sized house mouse (30 vs 3 years?)).

Venue : Le Shadok – 25 presqu’ile André Malraux, Rue du Bass. d’Austerlitz, 67100 Strasbourg

Doors open : 18:30 / First talk : 19:00 / End of event : approx 22:00

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